Monday, 5 August 2013

Baby speak

Baby's make a lot of strange noises, and Katherine is no exception. But lately her sound are starting to gel into syllables, and perhaps into words....

Much to my chagrin though, the first word she has fixated on, is not, as I would have hoped, 'dada' or 'daddy', but rather, 'mama'.... She looks at Cherith, and bursts out 'MAMA'.... She has been experimenting with 'mamamamama', but not she is saying 'mama, and often when she is looking at her Mummy....

The up-and-coming virtuoso! :)
She is a cheeky rascal. She insists on walking places. And, with us holding her hands, she manages to get around. Her sense of balance needs a little honing, but she'll get there all too soon. Crawling still doesn't seem to be happening though.

Everything it seems, has to be subjected to the taste test. Her blanket, her toys, stray fingers, car keys, my unsuspecting feet, or her own feet. All get chewed. Her curiosity is unbounded. Everything has to be examined. Her favorite is still checking herself out in the mirror. No matter what tantrum she may be throwing, spotting her reflection is an instant ticket to gigglesville... She loves examining the inside of my mouth (a budding dentist perhaps), intrigued by my teeth and tongue....

This moment she is giggling at me, making up for all the times she is fussy and cranky. All in all she is a very happy little rascal.

Oh, and she likes playing the piano!

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