Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Number two

Now, I know it's been a long time since I wrote anything, with time, inclination, and sleep deprivation all standing against me. But I'm back. Kind of... :D

So, a brief update.

We have left Melbourne. For good. (Sorry all you Melbournites, but Victoria is not the place to be)

We are back near Moree, indeed, living in the very same house that we lived in two to three years ago. The second house on the property is undergoing heavy duty renovations, and when it is finished, we will be living in it.

And, baby No. 2 has arrived! (Alright, so I kept the best till last... )

We have just gotten back from a five week stint in QLD, the aim of which was to allow Cherith to have baby number 2 without having to deal with the rural hospitals, most of which couldn't have even taken her as a maternity patient, because she had had a cesarean last time around, which technically makes her 'high risk'...

So, little Josiah Nathaniel was born in the same hospital that Katherine was born in two and a half years ago. Location, location, location. QLD is the best state in Australia, so our children may as well have QLD on their birth certificates!

Isn't he just gorgeous?!

He was born on the 4th of August (over a month ago already?!?), with no cesarean needed this time around! That's the good news. He was born not breathing, due to his airways being blocked with mucus and whatever else. Heart attack time. For me that is... I had no idea how scary it can be to look at your newborn child, who is not breathing, to watch the hospital staff working on him, aspirating him, tying to clear out his throat, etc, and wonder if he was going to be alright. Admittedly it had been 36 hours since I'd slept more than ten minutes, but I think even with a good night's sleep under my belt I would still have been more than a little bit nervous. The hospital staff were great though. They were very calm and efficient. No panic or anything like that. Within five minutes after birth he was breathing more or less on his own, but those five minutes were probably the longest five minutes I ever want to go through!

But all is well that ends well. Little Josiah is healthy, mostly happy, drinks like a fish, is growing like a weed, getting nice little rolls of baby fat, and seems to be doing as well as possible.

Katherine is a doting older sister, who loves nothing more than holding the baby. She smothers him in attention at times, and when she prays, never neglects to thank God for the baby.

So, our quick trip to QLD ended up being a five week trip, with Cherith needing some extra time to recover before she could travel, and indeed, before she could even be up and about, looking after two kids, and trying to run a household while I go back to work. Thankfully some work found me in QLD, and with my mum happy and able to help Cherith out, I was able to get some work in while Cherith got the rest she needed.

But now our little family of four is back in NSW, I am back at work (about to leave for work actually), and Cherith is doing much better than she was. Life can go back to normal, at least, as normal as possible with two kids. Spring is coming, the weather is getting warmer, and we have clear blue skies and sunshine almost every day. Life is good :)