Sunday, 16 June 2013

Laughter and tears

It's so much fun watching a baby's development....

    It never ceases to amaze me to see Katherine showing personality in some way or other. She is definitely getting to that age now where expressions really start showing in a hundred ways. I am discovering that she loves to laugh, (Who doesn't though), and even more importantly, loves to be tickled, thrown into the air (or at least given a zero gravity ride, which is as close to 'throwing her' as I get at the moment), teased, or splashed, flipped upside down, or given an airplane ride around the living area... Any one of those is usually enough to break her out in a cheeky grin at least, and most of them draw outright chuckles and laughter.

    I'm enjoying being home a little more often these days, (And potentially will be for a while, depending on which doors God opens or slams shut)... for the last 2 months I have gotten to see my little girl for no more than half an hour a day, and that usually just before bedtime, when, chances are she'd be tired, worn out, and a little on the cranky side. Now I get to see her when she wakes up in the morning and treats us to her cheeky good morning smirks. I get to see her play through the day, and watch the wheels turning in her head as she works things out. I get to watch her smile while she is taking a bath (Something she enjoys immensely, but only if she is holding the bath thermometer... Don't ask, lol, that's just the way it works).

    I get to see her grumpy and upset too. Sometimes she is overtired, or she's got a tummy complaint, or a tooth is being a bit sore, or any of the other things which add spice to the life of a six month old. There's plenty of blood, sweat and tears that go right along with being a parent. It's not the easy life. But it is the best life. Sometimes, when she has a really cranky session at 11PM, and nothing seems to help, I catch myself wondering whether it is all worth it. But then it takes just one of her smile to even the score for all the grumpy times she's ever had. That look of impish delight in her eyes is worth more than all the tears and crying. And when she laughs, that moment is pure joy. Nothing, ever, is more amazing than seeing her laugh... And so I tickle her lots... And give her 'airplane rides' through the house, and blow raspberries on her tummy, and anything else I can think of to have her in stitches. Because life is like that... There will always be the sad, miserable, sleepless nights, with wind, or colic, or teething.

But the happy times are created. They are intentional...

Katherine loves the bean bag... Maybe I should get her one so I can have mine back! :D

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