Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bub didn't get the memo

Bubs was due on Friday...

After months of threatening to come early, the little rascal has decided to wait overtime. We have been here in Toowoomba for over a week now, since things seemed to be starting up.

But all is quiet lately. After three consecutive days in which Cherith went into early labor, with intense contractions only 2 minutes apart, things have settled down. Cherith has been walking a few kms per day in an attempt to convince bub that it wasn't going to be very comfortable much longer. But nothing doing except a few bouts of Braxton hicks... Kind of frustrating... Especially for her...

Of course, bub will arrive when the time is right (who ever heard of babies staying inside till it was time to get their driver's license??), but it has been slow... It seems like things are gearing up slowly again, but who knows for sure? I don't.. My crystal ball is away for repairs.

That's not to say there wasn't a good reason why bub didn't arrive a week ago. After it all, I took Cherith to see a Chiropractor, thinking that possibly something was out of line, and sure enough it was. According to the Chiro, would have quite likely caused labor to stall the way it did.

Maybe that was what was slowing things down, but then again, maybe bub just didn't get the memo.

I'm looking forward to meeting the little bub. But at the moment, with Cherith only a day or two over her due date, there is no real rush.

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  1. Haha, Ben. Your crystal ball?!
    Yeah, looks like bubby decided to fool us all and stay in longer. Remind Cherith to enjoy it though... they're easier in than out!