Saturday, 22 September 2012

"I am Habit"

 "I Am Habit"

It is mighty hard to shake me, in my brawny arms I take thee,
I can either make or break thee - I am habit.
Through each day I slowly mold thee, soon my tightening chains enfold thee,
Then it is with ease I hold thee - I am habit.
I can be both good and vile, I can e'er be worth your while,
Or the cause of your decrial - I am habit.
Oft’ I've proved myself a pleasure, proved myself a priceless treasure,
Or a menace past all measure - I am habit.
Harmless though I sometimes seem, yet my strange force is like a magnet,
Like a great and greedy dragnet - I am habit.
Though you sometimes fear or doubt me, no one yet has lived without me,
I am present all about thee - I am habit.
Choose me well when you are starting, seldom is an easy parting,
I'm a devil or a darling - I am habit." --Anonymous

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