Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Silver Linings

It was while I was at work today. For some reason I started to review the last year or two of my life... Quite a lot has happened! Quite a lot has changed....

But it struck me how often I had worried about things, and how rarely the 'worst case scenarios' that I had envisaged, actually came to fruition. It seems I am worrying myself into an early grave, and for what? I can't change a single thing by worrying about it. No one can.

 And anyway, those calamities didn't eventuate... Oh it hasn't all been smooth sailing. But through it all, one thing has stood out like the rainbow in the afternoon sky.

As someone said once, "To have a silver lining, you have to have a cloud." It is so true. Think about it. If life was always sunny, would you appreciate the blessings of God? If we had heaven here on earth, would we appreciate the place He has for us?

And God is not asleep. 

He does care. 

He is watching.

And He is incredibly eager to help.

Somehow I seemed to sense His love so strongly, and many of the blessings he has poured on my head in the last year came bursting into my memory. And wow! He has been busy! Words just don't describe the feeling. There just aren't any words for it. Just the realization of His caring tenderness, and His foresight and wisdom, blew me away. He has been so good, and I haven't deserved any of it.

But He doesn't ask whether I deserve it. He loves. He forgives. He blesses. Thank you Lord!

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