Friday, 9 September 2011

Two heart-stopping seconds.........

Just two ticks of the clock. But they seemed more like ten.

A busy, unfamiliar road. Suddenly realizing that I had to slow down in a big hurry....

The wet road, sliding, squealing tires, the car in front that seemed to get closer no matter what I did. And ten thoughts flashing through my mind in a heartbeat. The song I was singing was cut off and replaced with a prayer. Probably the shortest prayer I've ever prayed.

Amazing what adrenaline does.

Seconds seemed to blur together. 
Let's look at what happened in the space of about three seconds there. It started when I realized that the traffic in the lane I was in, was stationary, about a hundred meters ahead of me. No rush, I would simply change lanes. I couldn't move right, because I needed to turn left, besides, the right lane was stopped dead too. No worries, the left lane it was then. Mirrors, check. Check blind spot, whoa. I knew there was no car right there just before, but he was obviously going a little faster than me and had caught up. Running out of space, I couldn't merge. Stop it was then. Brake. Hard. The tires started to squeal. No! I couldn't afford to lose control of the car now! I obviously didn't have too much traction on the wet road. Good thing I had remembered to insure my car again. But I couldn't afford an insurance claim right now. A $1200 excess was more than I could afford with my wedding coming up. Dear God, please no! Cars were passing me on my left, so I still couldn't change lanes. Resist the urge to shut my eyes. I rode the limits of traction until I was 4 feet from the car in front of me.

Then I was dimly aware of a frantic pounding in my head and chest. The blood flow to my brain had just tripled. No wonder I thought so much in three seconds. Good thing too, Or I would have panicked badly and slid into the back of the silver station wagon in front of me.

And that brings me to the point I wanted to make. I'm no driving maestro. But He heard me in that split second. And planned for it a long time before.

"I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..." Psalms 139:14. Wonderfully? Sure, every Christian believes that. Fearfully? Why fearfully?

Why did God give Adam adrenal glands? Why did he design him with an immune system? He didn't need it in the garden of Eden, that's for sure. But God, in His loving mercy, provided man with the things He needed to survive even if he fell into sin. God designed man to survive.

Fearfully.... Wonderfully........

Made.... Created.... Designed....

Thank you Lord!

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